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about using  a dwt template

With a DWT (Dynamic Web Template) you can easily attach the design to any number of pages that you require for your web site. You will also gain the benefit of updating the template pages in one single location, and of having those changes immediately affect all of the pages that are attached to the DWT

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.Two important reasons for using DWT are:

  • The ability to create new pages that carry the same template as all other pages in a website.
  • To enable end users to edit, enter, and change content on the pages without the possibility of damaging or distorting the template pages.

1. Click on File, >New,> Create from Dynamic Web Template.
2. Click on main.dwt, >Open
3. Expression Web will create a page titled untitled_1.dwt.
4. Next select Save As and give your new page a name.
5. Don't forget to change the page title and any other meta information.

That's it. You just created a new page that is the same as your other pages. Now you can add content in the editable regions.

DWT pages are also great for making design changes. If you want to change something in the design, open the page "main.dwt". When you are finished making your edits just save the changes. You will see a pop up window telling you that there are (number) of pages attached to main.dwt and to click to update them all. That is all there is to it.

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