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We want to make your home your castle. Licensed, Insured, and Bonded.
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Flash is needed to view the menu.

Picture Changer...

adding my own pictures

There is a small 150 x 150 picture changer in the left column towartds the bottom. The idea here was for the site owner to show some photos of some finished work, company owners, or anything at all.

To add your own pictures simply gather them up and resize each to 150 x 150. Then "Save As" and save into the "flash" folder. The simplest way to name them is to overright the names that are currently being used. Currently they are numbered 1 thru 10.

If you want to rename them you will have tor reconfigure the xml and js files. These files are in your root folder and are self explanatory. Be sure not to delete and Javascript of Flash code.

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