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We want to make your home your castle. Licensed, Insured, and Bonded.
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Flash is needed to view the menu.

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add your message on each page

The scroller at the top of the page can be changed to deliver your message on each page differently or each page can be the same.

To change the message look in the source code on each page. On or around line #76 you will see the following code: (edit example code that is  in red only)

var marqueecontent='<nobr><font face="Arial" color="ffffff">Thank you for visiting <a href="">CEPWEBS.</a> Just place your slogan, motto or whatever you like in this space. You will find it in your page source code. It holds links and can be different on each page.</font></nobr>'

Simply type in your own message and links. Follow the example here to add a link. Do not change or delete any of the JavaScript or your scroller will fail. The code on each page will not appear in red as shown above.



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